I came in to the United States on 2003, mainly for safety reasons. In my country Colombia, South America, I worked for 14 years as a veterinarian at farms, animal food factories, veterinary laboratories and research.

Being in the United States and working in different fields, such as real estate and car businesses were good to make a decent living, but I knew something was missing €“ something that would make me feel totally happy. So I decided to apply for a Veterinary Technician position with Veterinary Referral Associates that allowed me to continue being in touch with the veterinary field. I work on weekends in the Intermediate Care Ward. Caring for animals is what I love to do. It is very satisfying to see the recovered patient going home, providing a family with much happiness for years to come.

During my free time I like outdoor activities with friends and family. I enjoy hiking, riding bikes, swimming and going to the gym. I also try to eat healthy as much as I can.