Hi, my name is Noel. I was probably 13 years old or so when a commercial on T.V. aired that showed a young tattered dog chained to a tree with a small dirty shack. The mud path circling the tree drew out the extension of the chain. With audio sounds of a excited little girl asking, “Uncle Charlie, where’s that cute puppy? You all had at Christmas?” A gruff voice replies “Outback, yonder” At the same time you see the young tattered dog who perks up by the sound of voices, only to lay back down in disappointment and hear it whimper. To this day I am still uncertain who promoted that emotional commercial. I only know that it left a lasting impression on me and inspired me to become an advocate for the misfits and less fortunate ones. I’ve pushed myself with hard work, hands on training, and various education courses. I also have had the pleasure of working the last 25+ years with horse farms, horse racetracks, boarding kennels, Animal Control officers, animal shelters, veterinary offices, and rescue groups throughout various points in my life. They have all helped me in making a positive difference for those less fortunate. I’m proud to support my best friend, a partner and a father to all of our children, Wesley L. Jenson Sr. PDT. The owner of Arrowwood Shepherds, Inc. He enjoys teaching families how to train their dog(s) to have acceptable social skills in the home and in public. This includes working through issues as relating to inappropriate behavioral and misunderstood actions. They are well known for giving back to the community by providing education, and as a source for dogs in Services Departments and/or for rehabilitation needs.Working with him, I strive to continue my personal journey through more education, training, and demonstrating that, YES!!!!, you to can have that cute adorable, well-trained puppy. I do this hoping that in some small way it helps. Some of my downtime enjoyments include antiquing, landscaping, cooking, being a Redskins fan, outdoors activities, and training in the Canine competitor sport of Schutzhund/IOP with my 2-year-old Female German Shepherd Tortuga-B Von Arrowwood. I also have a German Shepherd/Dutch cross male named Godric and I enjoy working him in Obedience training of lead. I always save the best for last and my biggest accomplishment, as a single mother for so many years is my daughter, Grace C. De Oro. She’s a sophomore attending college at St. Mary’s College of Southern Maryland in the fields of marine science. Go Sea Hawks!