Megan has been with VCA VRA since 2006. She has a Master’s degree in North American Archaeology and has at variant times been a bartender in the French Quarter of New Orleans, managed a pet cemetery, taught Head Start, and run children’s birthday parties at the National Zoo. She became a veterinary technician in 2000 and earned her license in 2004.

She recently took a year off from veterinary medicine to attend baking school. Her goal is to have a vegan baking business while continuing to work as a technician.

She likes to try new things, if you couldn’t tell by now, and took up the sport of roller derby at 40 years old! It was a short lived career but she has the pictures and bum knees to prove it.
She loves her work because it makes her feel empowered and because she loves animals (sometimes more than people). She shares her home with her husband, Marc, their two teenagers, two dogs, four cats, one lizard, and an unknown number of fish.

She would very much like to win the lottery and wants you to know, as an aside, talking about herself in the third person makes her feel silly.