For Patients and Visitors

Kindly schedule all visits to our hospital at your earliest convenience to ensure the most appropriate member of our medical team is available to address all of your questions and concerns. Scheduled visits are particularly important when you wish to speak with one of our veterinarians and/or discharge your pet from the hospital.

Please bring all of your pet’s medications and/or food to the hospital when s/he is admitted. (Please be aware that by bringing your pet’s medication(s) at the time of hospitalization, it can help reduce the financial expense of your pet’s stay with us.)
Please be sure to check with us before your first visit to find out what forms and other information you will need to bring with you.
Veterinary Referral Associates respectfully expects payment at the time of service. Our hospital accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards. If financial assistance is needed, we also offer our clients CareCredit payment plans for qualified applicants. To learn more about CareCredit or apply now, please visit

Additionally our doctors and staff will help you complete insurance reimbursement requests including Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI).

We are happy to keep some of your pet’s personal items (special toy and/or blanket) with him/her during his/her hospitalization. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee you will receive this special item back at the time of your pet’s discharge. Please be assured that our hospital will supply your your pet with comfortable blankets, beds, and even toys during his/her hospitalization.

Veterinary Referral Associates encourages you to visit with your hospitalized pet during our regular visiting hours. Please call in advance and speak with one of our Client Care Specialists to schedule the appointment for your visit. Our Intensive Care Ward (ICW) and Critical Care Unit (CCU) visiting hours are: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (daily). In addition, please understand that a member of our medical team may not be available to speak with you during your visit if you have not previously scheduled a time with one of staff.

Under special circumstances, arrangements may be made with your pet’s veterinarian for visitation outside regular visiting hours ‘” please call to consult with a Client Care Specialist who will assist you with these arrangements.

Our doctors will call you with an update about your pet at least once daily and, of course, whenever s/he has pertinent or urgent information to relay to you about your pet. We encourage you to use our voice mail extensions or email addresses (we will be happy to provide you our direct voice mail extension and/or email address at the time of your visit with us).

Please be certain your pet’s doctor has approved your pet’s discharge from the hospital, and you have agreed upon a time BEFORE you arrive to pick up your pet. This will permit us the time to attend to the many details that must be finalized/completed before your pet can be released, including preparation of his/her medications and the discharge instructions. We would like everything to be prepared ahead of time in an effort to minimize your wait.
Many of the pets treated at Veterinary Referral Associates require ongoing care after their initial visit. In some cases, it may be more convenient for you to have  your pet’s primary care veterinarian perform these tests rather than return. We are happy to collaborate with your pet’s primary care veterinarian regarding the continued care of your pet. As part of this collaborative effort and if needed, our team can interpret laboratory test results performed by your pet’s primary care veterinarian. Based upon  laboratory test results, we can also provide treatment recommendations.
Please note all prescription refill request(s) submitted to Veterinary Referral Associates will be reviewed and  processed within 24 hours of our receipt of your request(s). In many cases, prescriptions can be filled much sooner. Please note there is NO pharmacy staff on duty during the weekends, thus it is very important that you plan accordingly.

To request a prescription refill for your pet’s medication, please contact our office at 301-926-3300. Please note prescription refill requests submitted during the weekend  will not be reviewed/processed until the following Monday.

Should you wish to refill your pet’s prescription medication during your pet’s scheduled visit with our medical team, please advise the doctor and/or his/her nurse at the beginning of your pet’s appointment. This will help to reduce your waiting time during your visit.


If a member of our medical team is not immediately available to answer your telephone call, please ask to be directed to the voice mail of your pet’s veterinarian with our hospital. Alternatively, if provided, please feel free to email your pet’s doctor directly with your questions or concerns.

Please know our medical team strives to return all non-emergency telephone/voice mail messages within 24 hours of receipt on days when we are on clinical duty in the hospital. Your patience and understanding are extremely appreciated.

Please understand that because of our staff’s numerous responsibilities to our patients and the time involved in patient care, time is somewhat limited during the day. To help our medical team provide you with the utmost compassionate care and attention, please consider the following recommendations:

  • Write down your specific question(s) for the doctor prior to your arrival at the hospital
  • Select one (1) family member to discuss medical matters with your pet’s doctor, or have all family members present (or on the phone), as the doctors are not typically available to speak with multiple family members at different times.

We thank you ahead of time for your patience and understanding while we strive to do our very best to take care of your beloved pet/family member.