Blood Donor Program

Is your dog or cat an undercover superhero? They very well could be! Our blood donors are superheroes whose blood donations save countless lives.

At Veterinary Referral Associates, blood products are needed for critically ill and injured patients suffering from disorders such as cancer, accident induced trauma, or blood loss during surgery. We use whole blood, packed red blood cells and plasma for both dogs and cats, so we are always looking for new blood donors to add to our program.

We value the time and effort required to be part of our blood donor family. At the initial screening your pet will receive a comprehensive physical exam by one of our Board Certified Doctors along with an extensive bloodwork panel to ensure that they are healthy and able to donate. Once cleared to donate, your pet will receive a comprehensive exam prior to each donation, along with a yearly exam and bloodwork. In addition to the intrinsic benefits of donating blood to less fortunate pets, there are many perks to being a donor (see Blood Donor Program Guidelines).

If you are interested in your pet becoming a blood donor please email us at We look forward to meeting you!

NOTE: The yearly physical performed at Veterinary Referral Associates does not replace your pet’s annual checkup with their regular veterinarian. We will be happy to forward all lab results to your pet’s doctor as they become available.

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