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Sarah Sherman

Sarah Sherman began her journey at VCA Veterinary Referral Associates, in October 2012, as a front desk receptionist but quickly decided to accept the opportunity to work as a technician in our department of Internal Medicine. Sarah had five years of general practice experience in animal health before coming to VRA which was extremely beneficial when she made this move.

Above all, Sarah feels a deep sense of accomplishment when she realizes her part in the positive impact our technicians and doctors make by helping patients to feel better and consequently easing the minds of their concerned owners. Sarah particularly enjoys participating in our Radioactive Iodine treatment program for feline hyperthyroidism. Additionally, she finds assisting with our endoscopy specialty totally fascinating.

Outside of work Sarah enjoys four wheeling (an adventure in driving), collecting vintage owl figurines, and spending time with her husband and their furry children: Halo (a french bulldog), Nacho (an orange tabby cat), Rita (a torbi cat), and Pacino (a tuxedo cat).