Angelica, better known since she was a cub by her nickname Angel, has been with VCA VRA since September of 2012. After trying other shifts, she is currently scheduled as our overnight receptionist. This affords her the challenge of working alone and gives her the opportunity to meet new and interesting clients and pets who come in during the late night and early morning hours.

Angel resides in North Potomac with her recently acquired Muppet-looking terrier mix P’nut (a.k.a. Creeper) and has hopes to soon add a Rottweiler/Pit Bull combo named Backup to her home.

Angel plans to return to school in the near future to study video editing, with the intention of one day creating trailers for the Hollywood movie industry. Angel’s hobbies include reading, making TV/movie-based music videos, adding to her extensive television/movie collection and researching any/all information available
concerning Michelle Rodriguez and Joss Whedon.