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Julia Noullet

Julia Noullet is a veterinary technician in the emergency department at VCA Veterinary Referral Associates. Her passion for animals was evident even as a young child, so her decision to one-day work in the veterinary profession followed very naturally. Julia started at VRA in ER and has remained there for six years. She assists in treating our most critical patients and is readily available to comfort their owners in times of grief. Julia has always enjoyed helping to unravel the mysteries involved in diagnosing a patient’s condition and the adrenaline rush so crucial to treating their underlying problem as quickly as possible. Doing all she can to make every pet more comfortable is her goal. She is particularly stimulated and kept on her toes by expecting the unexpected.

Julia feels that her job at VRA is rich with future opportunities and believes she has grown as a technician; being challenged by the people with whom she directly works and doctors and technicians from other departments. She is attending college in pursuit of both her technician’s license and her veterinary degree, with a specialty in emergency and critical care.

Outside of the hospital, Julia takes care of her own pets at home, enjoys “movie night” with her daughter, relaxes by doing scrapbooking and even makes time to write poetry.